Wild, diverse, lush, green…

Those are just some of the words that come to mind when we think about forests. But, what about food, medicine and health?

Every time we drink a glass of water, eat a handful of berries or take medication to alleviate a fever, we are connected to the forest. Forests clean our air and water, fight climate change by capturing carbon, give us foods and life-saving medicines, and improve our individual and community well-being.

For those of us living in urban areas, forests provide green space for exercise and recreation, and help us recover from the stress of urban life. They buffer noise, reduce the urban heat island effect, and absorb pollution from traffic and industry, helping to protect us against respiratory disease.

For those of us living in more rural settings, forests keep our rivers and waterways clean, buffer our homes from extreme weather, and provide access to foods, medicines and traditional ways of life. Indigenous people often associate the well-being of the forest with community well-being, acknowledging the connection between healthy land and healthy people.

At Project Forest, we are passionate about creating ‘healthy forests for healthy people.’ That’s why today we are celebrating the 2023 UN International Day of Forests! Here are a few ways that you can celebrate forests with us:

🌲 Share this post with your community to help raise awareness about the benefits and importance of healthy forests where we live.
🌲 Take a moment to reflect on all the big and small ways you are impacted by healthy forests every day.
🌲 Contact us to learn more about how your organization can contribute to forest health where you live, work and play.