Project Forest – Golden Ranches, our first initiative, is accepting partners.  Golden Ranches is located in South Cooking Lake, has 55 hectares of land to be planted and can accommodate 110,160 seedling. Project Forest’s professional foresters will determine a site-specific plan for the forest, which will include species native to the area like the white spruce, lodgepole pine, trembling aspen, willow and potentially tamarack. It’s just 30 minutes from Edmonton – which means Alberta businesses supporting the project can one day visit the forest they fund. 




Type of trees planted:

White Spruce (28,080)
Lodgepole Pine (13,230)
Tamarack (12,240)
Willow (11,880)
Balsam Poplar (11,160)
Trembling Aspen (10,440)
White Birch (7,020)
Saskatoon (4,140)
Black Spruce (4,050)
Red Osier Dogwood (3,960)
Green Alder (3,960)


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