The Wihnemne School Forest: Visiting with our Ancestors is a partnership between Project Forest and Paul First Nation to create a food and medicine forest and shelterbelt for the students of Paul First Nation’s school. The food and medicine forest will incorporate traditional food and medicinal plants and shrubs, providing the students with accessible and culturally significant plants as part of their cultural learning area.

“We value our partnerships with companies who share our appreciation for nature, its beauty, and everything it has to teach us. Reclaiming the land around the school grounds gives the children even more learning opportunities which is priceless. As the trees grow the children will also grow in so many ways.”

Faron Bull, Paul First Nation Councilman

In addition to the food and medicine forest, Project Forest will create a shelterbelt in the schoolyard to provide a buffer from the adjacent rail tracks. For the first time, Project Forest will be planting landscape-sized trees to create an immediate and effective visual barrier for the students and staff at Wihnemne School.

Join us, and fund a cultural forest at Wihnemne School.




Type of trees planted:

White Spruce – caliper (40)
White Spruce (190)
Choke Cherry (70)
Saskatoon (95)
Balsam Poplar (95)
Bebb’s Willow (95)

Our rewilding work is only possible through the generous support of our partners.

Diamond Willow

Platinum Forest

Gold Woodland

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