Don’t send one more travel mug to the landfill, plant a tree instead.

Every year at conferences, we see the typical swag, free pens, mugs, keychains and more—disposable products that we know won’t be used, or useful, for very long.

Your company has been working hard to make a positive environmental impact, and your conference booth should showcase that commitment to potential new clients.

We know it’s hard to find promotional products that you can trust are eco-friendly. At Project Forest, we had the same problem! That’s why we created the 100% recyclable Project Forest Seed Kits, a kit with everything you need to grow your very own tree.

Each Seed Kit costs $2.78 and contains:
  • four locally sourced conifer tree seeds
  • one dehydrated peat pod
  • one biodegradable peat pot
  • 100% compostable and recyclable sticker with a QR code for planting and care instructions.

To build the kits, we partner with local high schools and make a donation on behalf of our Seed Kit purchasing partners to a program at the school.

Order Your Project Forest Seed Kits:

Be proud that the swag you give away this conference season will grow into something meaningful. 🌲