Plant a legacy

Transform degraded land into a thriving forest that will benefit communities for generations to come.

Everyone everywhere should have access to

the beauty and bounty of a forest.

When you plant a forest,

you protect our future.

Forests. They have been called the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to many.

Imagine leaving a legacy like that?

At Project Forest, you can. It is our sole mission as a non-profit organization to provide nature-based, biodiverse solutions for landowners that will make their dream entirely possible.

From Indigenous communities to municipalities to conservation groups, corporations and more, if you have over 10 hectares, we can help you plant a Forever Forest that will live on and on for future generations to enjoy.

2+ billion trees planted

Through the combined experience of our board members, we have planted more than 2 billion trees.

Increase Biodiversity

We plant species-rich forests. To date we have planted more than 20 different species in our forests.

No or low cost for many

For many of our land partners, rewilding your land is completed at no cost to you.

Free Sustainability Reporting

We will share annual project reports and survey data with you on the growth of your forest.

Your land is in good hands with Project Forest.

Growing a forest? How do you start? How much will it cost? How will it be maintained so it thrives? Who can you trust that has the expertise and experience to help you realize your dream? All of this and more can make you feel frustrated, or worse overwhelmed. We get it! At Project Forest, we know it’s not how many trees you plant, it’s how many thrive. That’s why for over 20 years, we have planted and meticulously maintained 2+ billion trees that, right now, are growing into majestic forest for people to enjoy. Now you can do the same by partnering with us.

“Success, to me, means taking my grandkids and great grandkids to the forest we’re planting with Project Forest. We will walk on a trail, sit with our ancestors’ spirits, and pick berries. It’s a feeling of security, of knowing my family can take care of themselves. I love that the people at Project Forest are willing to do things that will benefit future generations.”
—Dustin Twin, Swan River First Nation Councillor
“It is a pleasure working with the team at Project Forest. Their re-wilding vision is precisely aligned with Alberta Conservation Association’s restoration goals on Camp Creek and other Conservation Sites. Their thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and collaborative strengths will benefit Albertans and wildlife for generations to come. ACA looks forward to continued successes with Project Forest on our Conservation Sites!”
—Dan Sturgess, Biologist, Alberta Conservation Association (ACA)
“The Project Forest Cumberland House Cree Nation Food and Medicine Forest signifies our community’s commitment to restoring and preserving our cultural heritage. By reintroducing these food-bearing and medicinally significant plants and trees, we ensure the well-being of our community and future generations.”
—Chief Rene Chaboyer, Cumberland House Cree Nation
“Restoration projects are no small feat and it takes a village to raise a seedling. The vision and support of Project Forest is helping to re-establish mixedwood forests in the heart of the Beaver Hills Biosphere, to the benefit of songbirds, pollinators, ungulates, carnivores and people.”
—Delaney Schlemko, Natural Area Manager at The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)
“Reclaiming the land around the school grounds gives the children even more learning opportunities which is priceless. As the trees grow the children will also grow in so many ways.”
—Faron Bull, Paul First Nation Councilman

Who we love partnering with

Conservation Groups

Accelerate your conservation, biodiversity targets and funding opportunities.

Indigenous Communities

Restore traditional land use, re-establish food-bearing and culturally-significant plants, and share with communities for maximum impact.


Create natural, recreational and local spaces for your community and the environment to thrive.


Use nature-based solutions to build relationships and advance your ESG goals.

Private Landowners

Create a long lasting legacy by providing long-term use of your land for your community to enjoy for years to come.

Educational Institutions

Reduce your research costs while increasing your environmental goals. We’ll pay for your seedling procurement and planting costs.

Your plan to leave

a growing legacy.



Schedule a call with us and set up a Discovery meeting so we can learn more about your land and what’s important to you.



If we’re a right fit, our experts will visit your site and together we’ll come up with a Rewilding Plan.



Leave a lasting legacy of life by transforming degraded land into a Forever Forest.


Case Study

Swan River First Nation

In partnership with Swan River First Nation, Project Forest rewilded 34 hectares of non-productive agricultural land, planting five species of trees and over 56,000 seedlings in 2021. In spring of 2023, we returned to the Nation to plant over 13,000 food-bearing, culturally and medicinally significant plants that will find their forever homes among the young trees.

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“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

― Nelson Henderson