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Partner with Project Forest to help fund an ecological reconciliation project at Swan River First Nation. #GreatCanadianChallenge

Project Forest doesn’t just plant trees.

We grow forests, create habitats, clean the air and rewild Canada. While other groups focus on planting one tree at a time, Project Forest uses local seeds to produce the right trees for the forests that will benefit people here in Canada.

“Forests are the
lungs of our land.”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Our love of trees is simple.

They bring life to this world in a way nothing else can. As our greatest natural resource, forests provide us with clean air and water, and a home for our province’s wildlife.

Project Forest is a non-profit organization, committed to rewilding Canada’s local landscape by working with like-minded businesses who want to help capture carbon naturally by planting forests in our province. Together, we can improve our environment and create healthier communities for today, tomorrow and generations to come.

Let’s grow a forest together.

If you’re a business looking to enhance your corporate social responsibility in a way that’s truly impactful, here’s your chance. Join us in creating positive change in Canada’s climate, starting right here—right now.

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Introducing Project Forest

Hi, we’re Project Forest – a group of passionate silviculturists working with businesses to rewild local landscapes.  We wanted to kick this blog off by telling you the three things we’re most passionate about…

Forest Facts

Canada has over 348 million hectares of forest land, making it one of the most forested countries in the world.

85% of Canada’s bioenergy comes from forest biomass.

The most trees planted by one person in one day is 15,170.