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  • Do you think you are doing enough but your customers don’t?
  • Are you tackling how to reduce your carbon footprint efficiently? 
  • Are your employees asking for more environmental stewardship?
  • Are you confident you are doing all you can for the environment?  
  • Are you concerned about meeting your sustainability goals? 
  • Does your community view you as a conscious corporate citizen? 
  • Are maintaining healthy forests and protecting wildlife a value of your company? 
  • Is working with Indigenous communities important to you? 

Reduce your footprint with a forest

Grow a forest in Canada

We make it easy to grow a forest

From seeds to soaring trees, we’ve perfected a
system where we grow seedlings, plant the trees, monitor and maintain them, and report our progress to you every step of the way. It’s a
project you’ll be proud of.

Indigenous communities

We work with Indigenous communities

Beyond capturing carbon, your partnership with us restores sacred lands, so that medicinal plants and native species thrive again through the continued care and practices of First Nation communities. Set good in motion, one seedling at a time.

We promise permanence

Rest assured, the trees we plant will never turn into a housing development or an industrial park someday. That’s called permanence. And that’s our professional promise. 

We put sustainability at the center

One mature tree can sequester about 1300 pounds of carbon in its lifetime. Multiply that by billions and collectively we will make a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions here in Canada. It’s a beautiful thing. 

2 Billion trees and counting

There is no such thing as one and done at Project Forest. Our team has grown, managed, monitored, and protected 50 – 60 million trees a year over the last 20 years. No other organization can say that — because no other organization has done that. Let us help you meet your sustainability goals by helping plant a forest for future generations to enjoy.

Our love of trees is simple.

They bring life to this world in a way nothing else can. As our greatest natural resource, forests provide us with clean air and water, and a home for wildlife.

Project Forest is a nonprofit organization, committed to rewilding Canada’s local landscape by working with like-minded businesses who want to help capture carbon naturally by planting forests in our own backyard. Together, we can improve our environment and create healthier communities for today, tomorrow and generations to come.

Your plan to leave a legacy in Canada


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Reduce your carbon footprint naturally by helping plant a forest


Be a champion of the environment.

I love the fact that the people at Project Forest are willing to do things that will mainly benefit future generations.
—Swan River First Nation
Pipestone had an aspiration to create a meaningful biodiversity offset that was proximal to the core operational area we operate in. We really didn’t know where to begin and in turn sought out the knowledge and experience of Project Forest as an established and recognized leader in this space.
—Pipestone Energy Corp.
Aircom strictly lives to a set of Core Values. When we were searching for a partner to align with, it was very evident that the Project Forest team also operates on a valve system. From there we found alignment… from there, great things could and did happen together.
—Aircom Instrumentation Ltd.
It’s worth every dollar. The government can claim they care and slander all who work in fossil fuels, but these projects show the communication and work between all to make and meet everyone’s wants. Take action now and know that your money is going to do exactly what you want it to.
—Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Forest Facts

Canada has over 348 million hectares of forest land, making it one of the most forested countries in the world.

85% of Canada’s bioenergy comes from forest biomass.

The most trees planted by one person in one day is 23,060.

Combat climate change from the ground up

With the escalation of climate change, so many companies worry that they are not doing enough on the ground to combat its effects. At Project Forest, we’ve perfected a system where businesses and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint naturally by planting a forest they’ll be proud of for generations to come. Read More

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Get your business to do something sweet

Partner with Project Forest to help fund an ecological reconciliation project at Swan River First Nation. #GreatCanadianChallenge

“Forests are the
lungs of our land.”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Let’s grow a forest together.

If you’re a business looking to enhance your corporate social responsibility in a way that’s truly impactful, here’s your chance. Join us in creating positive change in Canada’s climate, starting right here—right now.