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Partner with Project Forest to help fund an ecological reconciliation project at Swan River First Nation.

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Challenge other businesses to do the same!

Together, LV Energy and Project Forest are challenging Canadian businesses to step up and make a difference across our landscapes.

Across Canada, First Nations are becoming the authors of their own future. Leaning on their deep connection with mother earth has helped form a natural alliance with non-profit conservation-based organizations like Project Forest to restore their traditional lands. When businesses partner with us, our collaboration makes a measurable, and meaningful difference.

The goal

To fund the remainder of the Project Forest – Swan River Ecological Reconciliation Projec. The federal government has committed to half the project cost with the 2 Billion Tree Program, and we have $22.6K so far. With your help, we want to fund $180K to complete this project! There’s only one caveat. We need to get it done by the end of tree-planting season, which is coming up fast!


Cheers to a New Chapter

One tree at a time, we’re deeply committed to partnering with Swan River First Nation in a journey that relies heavily on their knowledge and traditions. After all, this process isn’t possible—ethically or otherwise—without the support of those who live, work, and play on this land. It’s also not possible without the support of businesses like yours.

The Project Forest – Swan River Ecological Reconciliation Project is a first-of-its-kind initiative. Together, we are setting a precedent to reestablish traditional food and land use opportunities for Indigenous communities. Help bring First Nation’s traditional forests back to life across our country.

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Get your province talking!

We need to get our province talking. So whether it’s becoming a partner, challenging others to take the shot, or simply spreading the word, making some noise for the Great Canadian Tree Challenge is one of the best things you can do.