The Project Forest Doig River First Nation Rewilding Project is located within Doig River First Nation in northeastern British Columbia. Situated on the banks of the Doig River, the site plays an important role in the community, providing access to hunting and foraging grounds through a network of trails. In the past, this section of land was cleared for agricultural purposes, however today, the land sits stagnant and unproductive.

The Doig River First Nation community is working in partnership with Project Forest to rewild the land, planting over 115,000 trees and plants. Food-bearing and medicinal plants will be planted along the trails providing community members with access to culturally significant plants throughout the year.

As the land transitions back into a forest, it will clean the air and water, provide habitat for countless species of flora and fauna and increase traditional land use opportunities for the people of Doig River First Nation.

Join us to fund a forever forest in Doig River First Nation.




Type of trees planted:

White Spruce (90,000)
Saskatoon (5,040)
Raspberry (5,040)
Strawberry (1,080)
Willow (3,060)
Mountain Ash (900)
Choke Cherry (5,040)
White Birch (5,220)

Our rewilding work is only possible through the generous support of our partners.

Platinum Forest

Silver Orchard

Bronze Grove

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