Project Forest recognizes the opportunity to remove carbon from Alberta’s air by growing forests in the communities we live in. The result: cleaner air and water, less soil erosion, more animal habitat, and an overall improvement to the wellbeing of our province—and its people.

Understanding how we grow a forest is important. By knowing the steps we take, you’ll recognize the value behind our mission to rewild Alberta.

Contact us.

Choose the project you want to fund.

We’ll pool the funds.

Our partners will grow the seedlings.

Teams will plant the trees.

Trees will be maintained and monitored.

Reports will be provided on impact generated.

Our Approach

Project Forest has partnered with conservation groups and private landowners to afforest large areas of land. Businesses looking to make a difference in Alberta will have an opportunity to work with us to help conservation groups and private landowners make their dreams of forested landscapes in their backyards a reality.

From here, we’ll leverage our strong relationship with silviculture foresters at Tree Time Services to develop site specific plans and utilize the largest privately held seed bank in Alberta to ensure the correct seed and species are used to plant trees in these areas.  

Planting trees is an art and a science.

The first silviculture lesson foresters learn is if it grew there once, it can grow there again. Project Forest plants trees with seeds that are collected locally. Our team considers every detail, beginning with the last known forest condition, all the way down to daylight hours and site specific moisture levels that can influence seed genetics. Once a site is assessed, specific tree species are selected to ensure greatest chance of success.

So, what makes us different?

  • We work with the local professionals to ensure each project is successful.
  • We always make sure to plant the right tree in the right place.
  • We assure all Project Forest forests will one day be considered forest lands by Canada’s National Forest Inventory.