Project Forest and the University of Alberta’s Ecosystem-based Forest Management Lab are planting an experimental forest to better understand how forests are being impacted by our changing climate. Through funding this project, our partners are supporting novel research, innovation, and hands-on training for students, all contributing to research that will enhance the resilience of Canada’s forests.

“Picture the land like a checkerboard,” says U of A researcher and professor, Dr. Charles Nock. “In some checkerboard squares, a single tree species will be planted, while in other squares, a mix of tree species will be planted.” More than 20 combinations of trembling aspen, larch, paper birch, white spruce and lodgepole pine will be planted to determine how the species grow together and which combinations are most successful.

In June 2024, 58,560 trees will be planted with an additional 11,244 being planted the following year. The long-term experimental forest located near Peace River, Alberta, will be part of a world-wide network of forest experiments, providing data and shaping how we manage our forests into the future.

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Type of trees planted:

In 2024:
Trembling aspen (11,760)
Larch (11,700)
Paper birch (11,700)
White spruce (11,700)
Lodgepole pine (11,700)

In 2025:
Trembling aspen (6,384)
White spruce (4,860)

Our rewilding work is only possible through the generous support of our partners.

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