Project Forest Camp Creek comprises 32 ha of non-productive agricultural land located west of the hamlet of Camp Creek in the County of Barrhead, Alberta. 

The land is owned and maintained by the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) as part of the Camp Creek Conservation Area. Project Forest Camp Creek, once a crop and hay field, is situated at the heart of this forested area. We partnered with the ACA to rewild this section of land, transforming it from non-productive agricultural land back to native mixedwood forest. 

The site provides habitat to wildlife in the area including moose, elk, white-tailed deer, black bears and ruffed grouse. To support the ungulate population, 4 ha have been seeded with a reclamation cover crop, a mix of highly desirable grasses for ungulates, while the remaining  28 ha have been planted with tree seedlings.

The benefits of this project are many and include, cleaner air and water, improved access for the community to natural areas and increased habitat for the many animals who call Camp Creek Conservation Area home.

Through our community of Project Forest partners, we are returning Project Forest Camp Creek to a forever forest.




Type of trees planted:

Green Alder (2,520)
White Birch (2,340)
White Spruce (23,040)
Balsam Poplar (7,560)
Willow (7,560)
Lodgepole Pine (14,940)

Our rewilding work is only possible through the generous support of our partners.

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