The Goblin Tree, by Lisa Walker

Back when my husband and I were still dating, we took a vacation to Quadra Island. It was stressful planning this trip and I kept thinking we should cancel. I wasn’t what you would consider outdoorsy back then and honestly wasn’t thrilled at the idea of a walk in the woods. But my husband had spent many happy childhood summers on the Island and persuaded me to go.

It was breathtaking with towering trees, vibrant greenery and the saltiness of the ocean in the air. We were in love.

Every morning we walked a different trail and talked about how we could live in this beautiful place. Reflecting on it now it was so clearly the time when we started planning our lives together.

Our favourite was the Kay Dubois trail, an easy walk that peeked out onto the rocky beach and at the end stood a giant among giants, twisted and gnarled with knotted branches- it looked out of place,in the lively forest. We later discovered this was the Goblin tree and had a life and a story to tell.

We had not really explored the folklore surrounding the Goblin Tree until our boys became mystified by this massive “Octopus Tree” . They loved telling their own stories about the tree. I loved listening to their imaginations run wild with the thought of this ghoulish tree. We have many memories shared over many years at this tree.

I wonder how our lives could have been if we canceled that trip? Today, some of my most precious time is spent amongst the trees in the walking trails. It is an essential part of my life now and I am so grateful for that!