Thanks for growing a forest with us.

Having a partnership like yours is invaluable because it allows us to rewild Canada’s landscape and ensure each forest we plant thrives. This opportunity will provide cleaner air and water, more animal habitat, and a greater wellbeing for our communities and the people living in them. And we couldn’t do it without your generous support.

Together, we’ll rewild our nation, one forest at a time.

By choosing to invest in corporate social responsibility by partnering with us, not only will this positively help you reach your sustainability goals, but will also allow us to create new forests in areas that are close to home. This means a more sustainable future for Canada and beyond. We’ll connect with conservation groups and private landowners to identify and convert under-utilized land or non-productive agriculture land to lush forest that will provide environmental benefits for years to come. 

Your Partner Kit

Below, are valuable tools and resources to use to spread the word on your generous contribution in helping make Canada a greener, cleaner, healthier place. Use these assets on your social pages, emails, or anywhere else you want to get the word out.


Social Media Kit

Video Kit

Photo Kit

Powerpoint Kit


Get a forest full of background information on Project Forest including our origin story and how this program came to be.


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