Corporate citizenship opportunities in funding local forests 

For decades, seeking out socially responsible companies to do business with was brushed off as a granola or greenwashing proposition. Naïve, unrealistic—it didn’t carry any serious weight.

Fast forward to now: a far deeper understanding of social responsibility hasn’t only gained serious respect, it has also stirred excitement and real action that we can see.

Consumers are demanding higher standards from businesses. Regulators and policymakers need the corporate sector to help them solve big problems like environmental pollution. The investor and lending communities are paying very close attention to a company’s commitments before handing out dollars. As an umbrella term, corporate citizenship (striving to remove negative impact and make positive change) is moving in only one direction, and it’s moving fast.

CSR’s Dominoes

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) was once the sign-up sheet for organizations looking to do better, and for consumers and investors looking for socially conscious companies to align with. Corporate “good deeds,” like volunteering, employee perks, recycling policies and efforts to reduce carbon emissions, fall under the CSR banner. Broad and entirely self-regulated, CSR could also mean a blurb on a company’s webpage or a brief mention in the annual report. While it can create real change as a soft marketing tool, no real proof is required. In 2021, that’s no longer enough.

Too Little, Too Late

As conversations deepen and consumers become more vocal—particularly with recent social shifts—corporate behaviour is being judged with nuanced standards and increasingly complex criteria. CSR still matters, but it has evolved into a higher level of the sustainability agenda: enter ESG (Environment, Social and Governance). ESG is the newer framework that compels real action and transparent communication. It marks the starting point for businesses taking ownership of their impact. 

ESG and Me

This demand for positive impact has been fast and furious, initiating specific and tangible ways to rank companies on ESG performance. ESG scores from rating agencies are commonplace, with set targets and public reporting. Numbers can be tied to employee satisfaction, carbon reduction, stances on diversity and inclusion, and community commitments. Managers, consumers, and employees are thinking more with their hearts than ever before, and aren’t apologizing for it. Their drive is creating real value in ESG ratings, which in turn helps investors and advisors decide on businesses and funds to invest. While data may indicate stock price doesn’t change significantly because of ESG ratings, leverage in lending rests heavily on the ESG factor.

Think of it this way: CSR holds companies accountable, while ESG makes actions measurable.

Project Forest: AKA Project Don’t Get Left Behind

CSR, ESG, corporate citizenship. It matters and it counts. But in a world where the paths are just being drawn, do you have the systems in place to create your own? 

Project Forest is your expert and your partner when it comes to boosting your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings and meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. We can facilitate opportunities for businesses to invest in our climate and environment, and remove carbon from Canada’s air by growing forests in our communities.

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Action can start immediately, so you can show that you’re the company you know you are. We have a platform and seamless process in place to tell your story of social responsibility authentically and efficiently. 

If carbon reduction or carbon net zero goals are part of the conversation, know that a planting partnership with us equates to knowing exactly how much you offset. You can soon say, “X amount of CO2 will be removed from the atmosphere, thanks to our commitment to contributing to growing a mature forest.” Whoever is most important to you—your employees, the market, your customers, the supply chain—we offer true customization with your storytelling. 

Mark this Earth Day as a chance for real action and recognition. Boost attraction, recruitment, and reputation when you partner with our experienced team. Let’s talk. 

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