Project Forest is rewilding Alberta’s landscape. We couldn’t do it without our incredible partners. 

Rewilding Alberta one forest at a time is hard work. Creating a system that captures carbon naturally is no easy task. All of that is made easier because we’re not going it alone. 

Project Forest’s first partners are showing the province that their core values are more than words. They’re taking environmental action and making a massive, positive impact close to home. To say we’re grateful for their leadership would be an understatement. Here’s why. 

Our first initiative, Project Forest – Golden Ranches, is a 55 hectare project near South Cooking Lake (you can read about it here). Because of our partners, we’re able to prepare the land, plant and grow seedlings, maintain the site, and ensure the forest thrives for generations to come. 

They started it all

While we have several projects planned, none of them would be on the horizon without the support of our first and founding partner Tidewater Midstream and our first Bronze Grove member, JSK Consulting. They’ve signed on to help us bring the Project Forest – Golden Ranches vision to life. By funding a rewilding project in Alberta, they’re growing real positive change that will benefit community members for generations to come. 

The first partner to sign on to the project was Tidewater. Tidewater is a Western Canadian midstream company focused on natural gas processing, liquids upgrading, storage and transportation, and marketing. They signed on as a Gold Woodland Partner for five years. Their first year of investment will see 4,000 trees take root within Alberta’s newest forest, removing over 2,100 metric tonnes of C02 and creating over 1.2 million pounds of biomass over its lifespan.

“The entire team at Tidewater is honoured to be part of this project. We’ve been searching for an opportunity like this for some time now,” says the company’s Vice President, Scott McLean. “We bring solutions to our customers every day, and now we can provide long-term, positive solutions for the environment that will have a lasting impact for generations to come”

Scott and his team at Tidewater aren’t rewilding Golden Ranches alone. Joining them at the Bronze Grove level are our friends at JSK Consulting. JSK is a full-service, one-stop-shop for abandonments, decommissioning and pipeline integrity management. They do the dirty work and the paperwork. And they make it look easy. They’re also helping us plant 1,000 trees. Those trees will capture over 590 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide and create over 309,000 pounds of biomass in their lifetimes. 

“When I learned about Project Forest, I knew immediately this was an initiative JSK would want to be a part of,” says JSK Principal, Stacy Thygesen. “We jumped at the opportunity to become part of a legacy that supports our economy, community and the overall well-being of our province. The work we do at JSK aligns with Project Forest’s commitment to rewilding Alberta’s local landscapes and the positive impact this will have on future generations is something we are very proud to support.”

Partners with benefits

When you sign on to be a Project Forest partner, you’re in control. We have multiple partnership levels, and all of them shine a spotlight on your business and its local environmental leadership. And when we say local, we mean it. We’re committed to growing forests within easy reach so you and your customers can see the positive environmental impacts of your partnership with us. Not just on a postcard, but in person. 

Grow with us

When you’re ready, we’d love to chat with you about becoming our next partner. And if you know a business owner or a business that wants to do something incredible like fund a forest, let us know. Our vision is ambitious. With brilliant partners on board, it’s a viable path toward a greener Alberta.

To sign on or learn more about Project Forest partnerships, go here.